How to deal with dry and itchy skin

Reduced moisture in the skin can cause dry and itchy skin, peeling, cracking, and even bleeding. The causes can vary, ranging from the use of soap that is not suitable, clothing materials that can make itching, do not routinely use a moisturizer, until too long soaking in hot water. Normal and healthy skin is coated with a layer of fat, feels moist, and also supple. When experiencing dryness, the skin becomes more sensitive and susceptible to the appearance of rashes and damage. Handling of Dry and Itchy Skin There are several ways to deal with dry and itchy skin, including: Routinely use a moisturizer If you have dry and itchy skin, don't forget to always use a moisturizer immediately after bathing, washing your face, or washing your hands. Moisturizers such as creams and lotions, aim to trap the moisture in your skin so that it does not easily disappear. Choose a moisturizer that is mild and does not contain irritating substances, such as perfume and coloring, to avoi
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